Bernafon Viron 9 MNR T Rechargeable Hearing Device

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Viron Hearing Devices

Viron is the industry’s first True Environment Processing™ hearing device that lets users immerse themselves in the sound environment making every situation sound more natural and real for them. Thanks to the powerful chip which detects and processes sound in real time, Viron leaves environment classification rules, restrictions, and artificial sound behind.

  • Capacity to include the 2.4 GHz and NFMI dual-radio technology.
  • Capacity to apply up to 126,000 measurements per second to detect acoustical feedback.

With Viron, we launch our most powerful chip. It has more capacity than ever before, allowing us to implement Bernafon’s patented feedback cancelling system.

  • Capacity to detect 32,000 single data points of the environment per second
  • Capacity to adjust the amplification at a speed of 20,000 times per second

Viron is Bernafon’s first True Environment Processing™ hearing device

Sound detection and processing in real-time

With Bernafon’s philosophy of providing the most natural sound possible, users will experience sound which is simply closer to reality. The super-fast sound detection and processing stimulates users with more precise information about the environment in real time. This enables the listener to focus on hearing what’s important to them, while keeping the natural sound picture.

Sound detection and processing with delay

It is obvious that the amount of amplification should not be prescribed by an acoustical signal analysis done in the past. Amplification determined by environment classification systems should be a thing of the past.

True Environment Processing™ powered by DECS™ technology

Dynamic Environment Control System™, or DECS™, uses a combination of systems to ensure amplification of sound happens in real time, enhancing speech understanding in challenging listening situations, and providing users with the most realistic sound experience possible. Thanks to the increase of our chip processing capacity, DECS™ is now even more effective with the new Dynamic Feedback Canceller™ feature.

EasyControl-A Mobile Phone App

The Viron 9 is compatible with Bernafon's EasyControl-A mobile app. For more information see this video


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